Judging our Gluten Freeness. Oh look! WAFFLES!

It has come to my attention that some think eating “gluten free” means eating “healthy”. HOW DARE YOU. I’ve worked hard at maintaining this meaty figure. I’ve worked hard at finding new gluten free high calorie goodies so we enjoy brownies and cake and even chicken pot pie again!  I really hate having to scratch my husbands back so finding gluten free products is not only helping him but it’s helping this sista out! But yes, If you’ve been diagnosed with celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity then of course eating gluten free is a “healthy” choice for your intestines. Because let’s face it, no one likes to poop themselves.

In other words, NO, We don’t eat gluten free to lose weight. If you’re going to eat naturally gluten free items like hmmm? vegetables and fruits, then chances are you’ll probably lose weight.

Since moving into a new place was on our schedule this month it was nice to have the option of popping dinner into the mircowave. After all that work it was wonderful to not have to stress about dinner!

We endured.  It took 6 damn days! Sure it was only a 5 mile move but we like to do things in the hardest way possible here. So yeah, it took a long time. Saturday finally came and we sat down for breakfast in our new place. Eggs, bacon, and Gluten Free waffles!! Our usual brand is Vans. This time we found Eggo! They are my new favorite. Vans is still good, but it only had 6 waffles. Eggo has 8! Super good and I highly recommend Eggo Gluten Free Waffles.  No one is paying me to say that! My family and I truly did enjoy it!

My soon to be 3 year old requested waffles this morning so that is what we had. Yummy!

Time for another cup of coffee and some more unpacking.


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