Eating Gluten

Per doctors orders Isabella(3 year old) is eating gluten. This means that we get to buy bread that costs $1-$2 TOPS instead of bread that costs $6.99 and is a much smaller loaf. It’s been awesome making grilled cheese sandwiches without having an anxiety attack that the loaf is almost gone and we just bought it with an arm and a leg only yesterday.

As it turns out her blood work came back with some red flag for something called HLA DQ8. I guess it doesn’t mean she has celiac disease but is sort of a signal to seek further testing(biopsy via endoscopy)to confirm or rule it out. As of now she is diagnosed with gluten intolerance.

Because she was eating a mostly gluten-free diet her doctor wants her to eat gluten in order for the tests to give us the best information. She directed us to have gluten in her diet every day for at least a month, maybe 2. We are currently in month #2 and will be getting the blood work done again on Halloween.

Thankfully, her blood work lines up yet again with myself needing to be poked. This really helped us last time. I took her with me when only I needed labs done and let her know that yes it hurt but it was only a poke for a moment. On the day she was to get her blood drawn Daddy also was getting his done. Which was perfect because now she would be seeing the process for a second time knowing that it’s a not so scary, normal experience.

She sat with him and she even told him, “It’s okay, Dad. Take a deep breath. Good job, Daddy!”.The phlebotomist was so nice and gave her stickers. Now it’s Isabella’s turn. The phlebotomist wraps the tourniquet around her arm and Isabella quickly realizes she’s next as she tosses the stickers back to the kind phlebotomist. A great attempt at surrendering but not stopping anything. I reminded her to focus on her breathing as tears rolled down her face. She took deep breaths in and out and before you know it she was done and she was so thrilled by the great job she did. Both her and Daddy walked out with their band aids as they bonded over their job well done.

We’ll see the gastroenterologist again next month to discuss the endoscopy. It sucks, but we’re getting answers now. It took 3 years to be taken seriously and look where we are today. It’s been a struggle, but it’s been worth it to get our daughter the answers she needs for the future of her health.


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