Cute Farts

Pardon me. We say “toots” in this house. Daddy does not want his girls to fart so he prefers the word “toots”. It makes it more girly. I guess…

I’m not trying to brag…OK OK. I am going to brag. My girls have great manners.  Whether it’s getting them a drink, food, or even a diaper change they say, “Thank you!” The little one even says, “Thank you much!” It is so damn adorable and sometimes I give her stuff just to hear her say it.

When they toot they know they are supposed to say excuse me. There are some toots that you need to remind them to excuse themselves but they are really good about it 98% of the time.

Around 3 am the other night the little one woke both of us up because of her tossing and turning.  It was super annoying. And then we hear, “TOOOOOOOT!!”, followed by a tired little laugh and “excuse me”.  I’ve never been so proud at such a ungodly hour.


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