The moment my eyes opened and I could hear my children up to no good I swear I heard it, “GOOOOD MORNING, VIETNAM!!!!!!!!”

A sign of the days to come.

I injured my back while gathering the laundry. The little one laughed as I tried my best to crawl to my room where I left my phone. She kept saying, “pony!” Finally I made it out of one room, peaked around the corner in hopes that the 3 year old would see meΒ and run to aid her helpless mother. Instead she laughed and looked back at the TV.

I managed to get to the phone and email the hubs, “call me asap.” Then I quickly realized he was probably going to call the home phone which was in the other room. As I typed another message to call me on my cell phone(I totally just sang that Drake song in my head)as expected I hear the home phone ring. Now that I think about it it makes me annoyed that he called the home phone but at the time I was in so much pain I didn’t have the time to waste my annoyance.

I gave him the option of staying at work and calling my mom since I knew he has work to catch up on. So, my mom came to save the day.

I later went to Urgent Care and got an injection of an anti-inflammatory along with some norco and a muscle relaxer. This doctor said it was not sciatica.

Still in pain but with a different sensation I decided to go to the ER. It felt like my hip was going to break if I made the wrong move. This time I was told it was sciatica and received another shot of anti-inflammatory. But this time they offered an additional injection. DILAUDID, aka NARCOTIC. And what did I leave with, MORE muscle relaxers. At this point I feel like a total junkie. Thankfully, the anti-inflammatory drugs are helping enough that I don’t need the crazy meds.

With the holidays coming up I’m sure someone will take a peak at my medicine cabinet and come to the conclusion that I’m a stay at home pill popper.


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