My Husband Made Me Angry. But He’s Not Even Home.

My dear husband has managed to piss me off without even being home.

I woke up this morning ready to take on the world. And it didn’t even take a cup of coffee to get me feeling that way. I was motivated.

Because of this motivation I had going on I wanted to keep that momentum going so I decided I was going to put on my workout clothes and running shoes and REALLY get down on this place. Spic and span, son!

Well, it’s been about 15 minutes and I can’t find my workout leggings that I just purchased. I’d wear my other pairs but these are the new pair I bought because I finally admitted I had to buy a size bigger. My fat pants don’t even fit!

As I search in my closet I take notice of all the crap my husband has decided to throw on the floor. He’s always been a tidy and clean person so the fact that he has this pile of crap on the floor is odd. He’s been doing that a lot lately. Β And I know if I tell him he will come back with, “Well, you have all your crap on the floor *As he gazes around the whole house wide eyed* so for me to have this tiny amount of square feet that’s messy isn’t a big deal.

He’s right. (Come again?)

But after the argument I’ve already played out in my head I’ve come to this simple reasoning: Just because I throw crap on the floor doesn’t mean you can! I mean, come on, I clean this place up(sort of). I actually have a bin in our closet that I throw my crap in so at least it has a “home”. This guy just has a mountain of stuff. Most of it will be gone when he take his stuff to the cleaners but I’m still flustered because this visual of mess is cramping my style, man!

I’ve managed to take a deep breath. I checked on the girls and they are playing together in their room. They are laying on the floor saying they are sick. Which of course made me smile. Of all the things they could have imagined to be they imagined they were sick. I love it.

I took one last look, found a pair of leggings that I forgot I still fit in. Managed to get pissed off at myself for now losing the shirt I was going to wear but found it quickly.

Now I’m pretty exhausted mentally because I played out that big argument in my head. Time to find the motivation again. But maybe I’ll check my facebook first. USA, LLC


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