Oh! What a World!

Coffee sounds great every single day at any hour. The only problem is I’m trying to cut back because I’m TTC. For those of you that don’t know, that’s cool mommy forum talk for “Trying To Conceive”.

It’s been about a week and I’m certain my body is experiencing withdrawals. I feel so sluggish it’s even exhausting to crack a smile.

My husband has offered to go get me a Bacon Avocado Cheeseburger to lift my spirits. Now, I’m totally against emotional eating. Just kidding! It’s either the coffee withdrawals or Aunt Flo; maybe both.

According to my period tracker I’m only 3 days away from my period starting. This PMS’ing thing has got to go. It’s so irritating. It’s like every time I decide that yes, finally I’m going to start eating better and exercise daily, Β I swear my fallopian tubes are there with an evil grin, laughing at whatever BS chemicals my body is producing that make me want to eat a horse.

Hoping that today ends peacefully since it’s already been rough with my youngest screaming her head off because she wants me to pick her up. But wait, no, she wants me to put her down. But wait, no, she wants to pick her up and put her down simultaneously.

I better pick myself up by the boots straps and teach her what a cruel world we live in that her request an impossibility.

Damn you, time and space!


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